How to Use Our Library

Lucky are we who come to Pine Run and find an inviting library awaiting us! Located just behind the lounge in the Community Building and overflowing a bit onto shelves in the Pub, it offers books in both regular and large print, hardbacks and paperbacks, and a rather comprehensive selection of magazines. There are also reference books including atlases, dictionaries, coffee-table histories of the World Wars and the works of favorite artists. The books on the shelves—fiction, biographies and many others of interest—can be signed out at the high desk by the doorway to the lounge. Take the card from the back of the book, sign your name and the date, and leave the card on the desk. Also, add three weeks to the date and enter it on the “Date Due” list pasted in the back of the book (a reminder for yourself). When you return the book, just leave it on the desk’s lower shelf.

Borrowing a paperback is easier yet. Simply choose a book from the four revolving racks (the Carousel) located in the back corner of the library. Take the paperback home and read it: then bring it back and slip it into the rack again (no signing in or out necessary). On the shelves in the Pub are also a number of audio-videos and DVD’s for you to borrow. On the other hand, reference books must remain in the library or the Pub (most are marked with a red “R” pasted on the cover). But do sit down for a bit and enjoy them—whether photos of Pearl Harbor, pictures of the stone houses in Bucks County or artwork by Andrew Wyeth and others.

We are constantly adding new books to our library, which means retiring those that are seldom read. New ones are chosen from various best seller lists and from recommendations by Villagers. The library is funded by the Pine Run Village Board, and the books are generally purchased from the Doylestown Book Shop (from whom we receive a discount). We accept books donated by Villagers, too, but because of limited shelf space, not all can be added to our collection and must be “re-donated” to other places.

The library also offers wide selection of magazines as well as local and Philadelphia newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and the Sunday New York Times. Once the magazines are replaced by newer issues, Villagers are welcome to take and keep out-of-date numbers (found on the shelf along the side of the library room). Newspapers however are discarded the following day.

So do make yourself familiar with our Pine Run library! It is always open for your browsing, but don’t be surprised to find the small tables in use by bridge and/or table-top game players. They gather most afternoons and some evenings, but we hope you’ll be there too. The books are waiting!

— Mollie Hallowell, Librarian

Library Committee: Mollie Hallowell (books), Mary Ann Crozier (magazines), Ruth Gerhart, Doris Gleason, Rose Jones, Jean Kraus,
Pat Patterson, Jayne Reddie and Mildred Vreeland.

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