Making news comes with the territory at Pine Run Retirement Community. Busy days filled with creative energy spark community-wide events and personal accomplishments.
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2016 Pine Run Art Show

Best in Show
Izzie Barth – Sweet as Sugar

1st place
Nancy Ashman – After the Storm

2nd place
Eileen Ballerino –
Serpentine Goddess

Mixed Media
1st place
Pat Powell – Monday Morning

2nd place
Eithne Graziano – Apple Season

1st place
Virginia Shoff – Arles, France

2nd place
Linda Grafius – Dr. Charles Saxton

1st place
Jo Anne Ensley – Happy Feet

2nd place
Deborah Glessner – Tinicum Autumn

1st place
Jim McGinnis – Ellis Island with Nothing but a Dream

2nd place
Ann Ballantine – Sunflowers

1st place
Barbara Rilling – Lana’s Garden

2nd place
Michael Ressler – Sunlit Cedars

1st place
Joanna Kransnansky –
Cape May, Victorian

2nd place
Judith Langan – The Duomo, Florence

1st place
Virginia Rosa – Victorian Still Life

2nd place
Robin Crowley – The Art Historian

Honorable Mention
Audrey McCrea – Rachel
Ferol Smith – Oyster Shells
Bodo Knochenhauer – Hibiscus
Rose Marie Hibbs – Geisha Girl
Sharon Holloway – Inscrutable
Nina Bolfing – Still Life Behind
the Fence

Robert Allen – The Survivor
Cathy Biggs – Grandma’s Kitchen
Fred Place – Valley Homestead
Kimberlee Nentwig – Pretty in Pink

Congratulations to all winners!

2016 Pine Run Art Show Winners

Pine Run Villagers are always keen to celebrate the creative spirit alive in Bucks County. The community’s annual art show running for 21 years, opened on May 11 with a Texas ranch party themed as a “Fine Art Round Up” complete with a life-size horse and bull centerpiece in the art gallery. Leather saddles hoisted on racing barrels, yellow hay bales, and prickly cacti finished the mood setting scene while country musicians crooned familiar tunes.

More than 100 guests, many garbed in boots, hats, bandanas, and other cowboy gear, eyed up prize winning drawings, paintings, photographs, woodcuts, and sculptures while nibbling on tasty ranch favorites. Food stations featured delectable dishes such as cast iron kettle chili, tangy pulled pork sliders, crunchy tortilla chips with roasted tomato salsa and buttery corn muffins. Cowboy steaks and refreshing Tennessee cider topped the special dinner menu following the preview party.

Judges Michael Stumpf and Kim Groenendahl had high praise for the collection of 400 entries. “We wish we could award more ribbons,” exclaimed Stumpf. Many of the pieces, such as “Ellis Island with Nothing but a Dream” and “Inscrutable” a pastel of a Namibian girl, serve as memoirs that tell a tale of life in an era or some faraway place. Groenendahl pointed out Jo Anne Ensley’s black and white photograph of “Happy Feet” as a first-place winner for its shading differentiation and playful commentary on family life.”

The top winner, Izzie Barth, lassoed Best of Show for her watercolor “Sweet as Sugar.” The large bold piece exacted the works housed in a Brooklyn Sugar Mill of yesteryear. Barth mixes her paints in small apothecary bottles and then uses a spray tool to create a uniform stipple finish to her work. “I like my spray tool because I can count on the pointillistic results,” beamed Barth.

“I think our show is really growing in quality, and the total number of submissions underscores the commitment of Bucks County artists to their craft,” said Ceil Krajewski, Director of Villager Services at Pine Run.