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Pine Run Associate,
Donna Nicolazzo,
directs “A Reunion of Sorts”
at Town & Country Players

Few moments are funnier and sillier than men acting ridiculous, especially older men behaving uncharacteristically goofy for their ages.

James Kirkwood and Joseph Perignat prove they can make audiences laugh – guffaw – in fact, playing the roles of longtime competitive buddies, Ted and Nick, in the world premiere of “A Reunion of Sorts” at Town and Country Players in Buckingham.

Playwright Jerry Lacy should know about complicated relationships; he has experienced many kinds of them during his years on television and in film. Most people remember him for his role of Reverend Trask on the daytime soap opera, “Dark Shadows.”

See the show to learn how the story resolves; suffice it to say, the playwright did a nice job of building suspense and handling the conclusion.
Lacy was present for many rehearsals and made changes to the script as he as he watched the actors perform under the direction of Donna Nicolazzo and heard his words spoken.

Nicolazzo was instrumental in bringing Lacy to Town and Country. Having met him on a “Dark Shadows Festival at Sea” cruise, she was successful in pitching the idea of producing “A Reunion of Sorts” to the T&C board of directors.

The timing was right. Town and Country was ready to begin its Signature Series of new plays, and this was the perfect start, one with a playwright who brings recognition as an actor. Everything worked out just as it should in a comedic play. “A Reunion of Sorts” continues tomorrow and Saturday at 8 p.m. at Town and Country Players. Visit