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Puppy Love at Lakeview

Puppy Love at Lakeview
Bucks County Herald
November 17, 2016

Interaction with friendly pets can have significant benefits for everyone, particularly for the elderly. Lakeview Residents had occasion to visit with six puppies in early November. The furry friends, all eligible for adoption, were brought to Lakeview by members of the Women’s Business Forum in Doylestown.

Petting the fur and holding a cute puppy is a heartwarming experience that gave residents Elisabeth Garlic, Joy Halderman, and Margaret Reaman chance to express affection and exchange stories about the pets they loved in the past. The comfort of pets continues to evoke strong memories and the antics of the young canines provided an entertaining break in their day.

“They just gushed over the puppies and you could see it brought them back to happy times,” exclaimed Chanin Milnazik, organizer of the visit. Chanin lives close to the Lakeview campus, and she became acquainted with the personal care provided at Lakeview when her mother was there several years ago.

Volunteers deepen opportunity for fun and meaningful conversations for residents at Lakeview and Pine Run Health Center.

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