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Lakeview's special guest, Candace Souweine of New Hope, proudly displays the Olympic Torch she carried in NYC on December 23, 2001 as it crossed the country to the Salt Lake City Games.

Lakeview goes for GOLD
at intergenerational “Welcome to Rio” event

Director of Life Enrichment Maureen Riley shares the Olympic torch with Dan Wentland and Jim McCreanor.Cheers erupted from the crowd when Lakeview driver George Valerio, costumed in a toga and leaf crown, carried the storied flame into the huge white tent on Saturday, September 17 at noon. It was truly an Olympic torch, and it put the festivities officially in play for more than 150 residents and guests attending the Annual Family Picnic hosted by the Lakeview Personal Care Community located on Lower State Road in Doylestown.

Special guest Candace Souweine of New Hope, proudly shared the official Olympic torch she carried two tenths of a mile in New York City on December 23, 2001, as it crossed the country to the Salt Lake City Games. Candace’s 100-word essay was selected out of 210,000 entrees. Her inspirational running partner was her Aunt Roz, age 92, of Merrick, Long Island.

Hoodson Hawkins, age 4, shows good form in the bean bag toss.Food for the sporty outdoor extravaganza, themed “Welcome to Rio,” included Brazilian inspired specialties such as juicy spiced chicken thighs, roasted pork loin with a sweet mango salsa, and grilled beef tenderloin topped with green, tangy chimichurri sauce whisked up with chiles, cilantro, parsley, and oregano.

Maureen Riley and Nancy Winthrop, leaders of artistic invention at Lakeview, combined forces with Sharon Smith’s energetic dining team to parlay the usual slate of entertaining musical theatrics into a fun-filled hour of intergenerational contests based on the hit television show, Minute to Win It.

Charles Munoz (in gray sweater) enjoys the spectacle of the hula hoop contest won by 8-year old Claire Luckenbach.The skilled and humor-laced antics of residents, grandchildren, and associates won hearts and “gold” medals for all participants. Does it sound easy to keep three balloons in the air for 60 seconds on a breezy stage? How about defying gravity and spinning a hula hoop around your waist better than an eight-year old? Most demanding, and delicious, was the popular “Oreo Race” requiring every guest under the tent to place an Oreo cookie on their forehead and, without use of hands, wriggle the treat over the eyes, nose, and into the mouth to claim a prize!

A team of energetic Lakeview Associates jump in a wacky tissue box and ping-pong ball contest.The slate of events held attention with a fast pace and familiar back beats provided by disc jockey Neil Farber of Celebrations. The closing ceremonies spotlighted the favorite “We are Family” song where party-goers embraced opportunity to clap along or step on the dance floor and glory in the pleasant company and fantastic weather.

Contestants, including Ed Corini of Pine Run, attempt to defy gravity in the balloon juggle.Located a block away from Doylestown Hospital, and a member of Doylestown Health, Lakeview is a vital link in the continuum of care available to seniors in the local area. Some of the essential services provided by Lakeview, such as 24-hour licensed nursing care and on-site physicians, are unique in a Personal Care Community setting. This high degree of expertise promotes wellness and allows for quicker recognition and response to any change in a resident’s health status.

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