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5-Star Award
Nancy Winthrop,
Lakeview Life Enrichment

The 5 Star Award winner exemplifies the Make Their Day! service philosophy and is an outstanding associate who shines throughout the year.

Angel Awards
Majnushe (Maja) Celo,
The Garden Housekeeping *
Andrea Kashner, Social Services
Janice Mullaney,
Lakeview Dining Services
Gus Munkenbeck,
Health Center Nursing *
Cindy Reynolds,
Health Center Housekeeping
Teresa Sawyer,
Lakeview Resident Care
Linda Thomson, Village Sales
Florencio Velazquez,
Village Housekeeping

*not pictured
The Angel Award recipients have the courage to do what’s right even though it may be difficult. It is awarded for a single event in which the Associate did a superior job requiring extraordinary effort.

Achievement Awards
The Achievement Award recipients have completed an educational milestone – diploma, certification, degree, certificate or completed an educational program. Thirty-eight associates earned Achievement Awards in 2017. (Visit our pages again in July for inspiring stories about some of our graduates!)

Nancy Winthrop Wins
Pine Run’s 5-Star Award!

Winner of the coveted 5-Star Award, and a $500 cash prize, Nancy Winthrop, Life Enrichment Coordinator at Lakeview, epitomizes the Pine Run service philosophy, Make Their Day! Nancy was chosen for this top honor from all the nominees for this year’s slate of awards.

Nancy has been working with the residents at Lakeview for the last three years, and her ever-present smile has become her trademark. Many of the residents rely on Nancy to lift their spirits when they’re having a rough day. She is always on call to offer solace, share a heartfelt hug or to soothe an anxious soul. A team player who always goes the extra mile, Nancy has been known to fill ANY void that might negatively affect the daily lives of the people in her charge. Recently, when Dining Service was short a server, Nancy willingly stepped in to help with lunch in the Private Dining Room.

“Nothing is ever too difficult or too time consuming in Nancy’s viewpoint. She is an unsung hero. Watching her daily commitment, delivered with heartfelt sincerity, serves as an inspiration to us all. She reminds us all that, ‘We can truly make a difference,’” stressed Barbara Dumas, RN, Senior Administrator at Lakeview.

Nancy’s job responsibilities have always involved planning special activities, events and trips for Lakeview residents. In 2016 she was instrumental in charting a trip for veterans to participate in the Bucks County Tour of Honor in Washington, D.C. Nancy worked directly with the Tour of Honor Board for applications, contacted family members to acquire volunteers, and she was able to secure a guardian for each Lakeview resident who wanted to embark on the symbolic trip. Nancy even arranged for a police escort to depart from Lakeview to PARX Casino at 4:15 in the morning, on the day of the trip.

On this very long and emotional day, Nancy was able to provide a once-in-a-lifetime tribute to nine, patriotic Lakeview veterans who had proudly served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Who would have thought that nine senior citizens would be able to travel to Washington D.C. and last from 4:15 am to 7:30 pm on this extraordinary day in September of 2016? Nancy, of course!

“I’ve always been drawn to taking care of others, especially seniors. I took care of my mother and my aunts until I finally had to place them in a health care facility. But I could see what was missing once I was no longer able to care for them; there was clearly no stimulation! It broke my heart,” shared Nancy.

“I knew that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, that I COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES, and I try to live my life that way, every day. I am so thankful to Pine Run for being supportive of my efforts and for allowing me so much freedom to share what I can with the residents. All that I do, I do to honor the memory of my mother and my aunts,” shares an emotional Nancy. “It is important that people know that!”

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