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Art Without Boundaries
Art Without Boundaries is an approach to retraining the brain using singing, movement, directed painting, storytelling, and praise that affects real change for participants coping with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

It is an amazing experience to watch our residents in The Garden at Pine Run engage with marvelous instructors in the process of painting. Participants begin the session with visible hesitation, and by the end of class, they have become animated and joyful about producing a lovely work of art.

Pictured is Larry, age 81, connecting with instructor Terry Rosiak as they view a collection of sample paintings. Larry becomes more open and descriptive as he turns the pages – using words such as “juxtaposition” and “beauty” – and Terry encourages him to select the paintings he likes. He chose a painting of a mimosa tree that made him feel “peaceful.”

Larry is an experienced artist, and he gave great consideration to applying paint with a variety of brushes and sponges. She complimented his stippled flowers, saying, “You’ve got a good eye, Larry.” He said, “I enjoy working with a real artist,” and then, “if you are happy with me, I am happy with myself.” They laughed together when Terry suggested his painting could turn out to be as valued as a Picasso, and Larry, incredulously, said “It is far-fetched that it would sell for a million.”

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