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Doylestown Health celebrates new community center
Artist rendering of Pine Run Hub.
Artist rendering of Pine Run Hub.
Community Center Lower Level Plan
Community Center Upper Level Plan

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Doylestown Health celebrates new
community center

Bucks County Herald
April 20, 2017

Pine Run Retirement Community, member of Doylestown Health hosted a sparkling celebration with over 250 villagers present at the groundbreaking ceremony for its new Hub on April 11.

The proposed “galleries” in the much-anticipated community center will allow for Villagers and their guests to choose from three indoor and two outdoor dining venues overlooking the pond, as well as a café.

Maria Santangelo, senior director of Villager Services, welcomed Jim Brexler, CEO and president of Doylestown Health, villagers and associates once the shovels were hidden and the celebration, complete with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, began in the auditorium.

“The rejuvenation of Pine Run is happening all around us. And now, thanks to the support and encouragement of our leader, Mr. Jim Brexler, we’re ready to start building our new Community Center,” Santangelo said. “The Hub is the heart and soul of this community and an investment in our future. It’s where you connect with your friends and neighbors.”

Joan Parlee, president, Doylestown Health Boards, spoke to the crowded room of Villagers on the Village Improvement Association (VIA) legacy of wellness and community and about the future of the new building. “I am picturing all the things you will be doing in this room,” Parlee said.

Cory Schroeder, VIA president, listed some of the many things that the VIA makes possible praising the work that went into the venture.

“The Advisory Committee was very smart to realize what was needed to be done,” she added. Mary Terpening, Villager board president, joined in with a few of the exciting things that will happen once the Hub is completed.

“The new community center will bring us all together,” Terpening said.

She went on to list a few outstanding features such as large windows, sensible chairs, improved technology and a heated swimming pool with private changing area.

Brexler injected a bit of humor into the evening when he stepped up to the podium.

“We are not really going to build this thing,” Brexler said. He finished his thought with, “We are excited to have this.”

He spoke further on the similarities of how the VIA started out with borrowed funds for its beginning, likening that to the quickly approaching Hub made possible by a bond issue that arrived earlier than expected and prompted an early start.

“The first phase begins in one month on the parking lot outside this building,” he said.

To allow for a smooth transition, the second phase will begin in nine months when a pool and fitness center, classrooms, auditorium and stage will replace the current Hub, scheduled to be demolished.

The Rev. Pauline Sexton came out of retirement to offer a blessing for the groundbreaking in which she prayed for the safety of the laborers.

“May all those who labor be safe, and may their work be true,” Sexton said. “May it be.”

Marge Dunkelburger, a villager residing in the community for the longest period of time (25 years), cut the cake with Brexler.

Barbara Chierici, senior director of marketing, proposed a toast with a few encouraging words of Susan B. Anthony:

“The older we get, the greater the power we have to help the world; like a snowball, the further we roll, the more we gain together.” Chierici added, “To a community center with new and exciting galleries for fitness, food, and fun.”

CEO Cathleen Stewart brought with her to Pine Run a vision that included an attractive and appealing Community Center where vibrant, curious Villagers could celebrate the next phase of their lives. This included a state of the art Fitness Center, meeting and activity space and an inviting Hub where folks could gather.

Her vision will soon become a reality.