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The Bucks County Herald: Lakeview Carnival is a Slam Dunk
Nancy Winthrop and Maureen Riley clown around at the Lakeview Carnival.
Nancy Chamberlin plucks for a prize at the duck pond.
Kemani Hill and Antwone Wilson enjoy the spin of the pinwheels..

Lakeview Carnival
is a slam dunk

Bucks County Herald
October 19, 2017
Photographs by Allure West Studios

Betty Shalders presents Pollyanna, her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, to the camera.The smell of the funnel cake was enough to draw a crowd. Add to that a surge of summer weather, and a tickle of nostalgia, to create an unbeatable day for the afternoon Carnival and Family Picnic held at Lakeview, part of the Pine Run Retirement Community in Doylestown, on Saturday, Sept. 16.

All generations stepped right up to try their luck at the dunking tank, duck pond, sand art, and other traditional amusements.

Dot Rathgeb and her daughter, Nancy DiNatale, share a smile after winning the goldfish bowl.“It was so much fun. My daughter Nancy won a goldfish bowl when she knocked the cans down with a bean bag,” said Lakeview resident Dot Rathgeb.

“I love to see everyone give themselves over to whimsy and joy during these events,” enthused Lakeview’s Director of Life Enrichment Maureen Riley, all suited up for the dunking tank. “I was happy to be a target for the kids, and before I knew it, ‘splish-splash I was taking a bath.’”

Gail Barr shows good form at the ring toss.Dick Lambert, attending with daughters Peg and Jackie, thought the picnic was a great success. “There is nothing I prefer more than a ‘Hairy Dog’ – a hotdog with sauerkraut – and that was on the menu.”

“Festive food is a regular treat at Lakeview,” said Senior Administrator Barbara Dumas. “Our Dining Director Sharon Smith knows the flavors everyone craves and she delivers according to theme. Plates were heaped with fried chicken and waffles, buttered corn on the cob, shrimp on a stick, and curly fries with vinegar. If folks had room for dessert today, they could help themselves to chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches or fruit salad in a waffle cone. Could a carnival be any better than that?”

All together for the very first time, Peg Lawrence mugs with her great-great-grandchildren, Destiny, Emilyn and Kaydin.
Dick Lambert is flanked by his daughter, Peg Colombo, and Jackie Trabolse.
Maureen Riley in play at the dunking machine.