Sparking memories

Writing instructor Frank Levy, an adjunct professor in the English departments at Rider University and DelVal University, leans in to help Izzie Barth and Pat Fey edit their stories.Rekindling memories is an easy first step to charging emotions for the purpose of writing. That is why Pine Run’s creative writing class always starts with discussion about family, history, hobbies, travels, and other rousing topics that promote a dynamic exchange of ideas. “Listening to others’ stories in the group has really helped me develop as a writer,” says artist Izzie Barth. “We bolster each other, and I find that writing as a creative outlet is almost as satisfying as painting, but it takes up less space. I’ve also learned an awful lot about the computer since joining the class.”
Another Villager, Pat Fey, also a novice writer, expressed why she braved the sessions. “I like to sing, dance, and make up stories in my head. So, I took the class because I thought I’d create a lively legacy for my grandchildren. Everything in my stories is 98% true…after all I want to make each scene and situation interesting. The class has helped me build better stories with rich descriptions and relatable emotions particularly about childhood rituals such as parental rules, spin the bottle, and a first kiss. I don’t do any prep work, but I try to put a visual image in my mind to spur my thoughts and break through any writing barrier.”

The writing class is one of the many inspired groups that gather on
Pine Run’s leafy 43-acre campus.

Our community has plenty of talent to tap in more than 50 resident committees and clubs. Having professional direction, far ranging choices, and peers to springboard ideas, is a powerful motivator for joining in the fun.

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