Pine Run unveiled the Make Their Day! service philosophy and logo in 2012.
The colorful logo, designed by Bucks County artist, Pearl Mintzer, is a vibrant and lively image signifying the friendly and helpful energy that abounds at Pine Run.
Ideas for the logo were inspired by
Associate suggestions.

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Make Their Day!

Pine Run shines a light on hospitality and comforts extended across all levels of living. All Associates are encouraged to provide attentive personal service to colleagues, residents, visitors, and volunteers to warm their welcome and to enrich their experience of our community.
Pine Run leadership and a diverse core of dedicated associates on the
Make Their Day! Committee seek opportunities to innovate, nurture teamwork, and embrace the service philosophy with tools, measures,
and recognitions.
Residents and families truly benefit. Make Their Day! enlivens all we do together at Pine Run. Executive Director Cathleen Stewart says,
“It feels wonderful to applaud our Associates for their creative initiative, and to see them learning, growing, and taking pride in delivering services that are driven by a desire to make someone’s day brighter and better.”
Make Their Day! Mission Statement
This Committee will embody the Make their Day! Service Philosophy by practicing clear communication among themselves and towards co-workers, residents, families, and vendors to build respect and strong connections with others. They hereby dedicate themselves to the height of customer service by listening to others, empowering them to do their best; nurturing freedom of expression, validating their abilities, fostering positive attitudes, and creating a safe and supportive environment for all.
2015 Angel Award recipients