“The most satisfying aspect of my job is Making the Day of a resident and collaborating with a group of people who make it pleasurable to come to work every day.” – Sandy

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Talk to anyone who works at Pine Run Community. They’ll tell you that choosing to work at Pine Run can make a major difference in your life as you make a significant difference in the lives of our patients, residents, and their families.

Denise Zavalis
Pine Run Recruiter


Pine Run Proud. A Wish Granted. Shawnte Brown; Rita Holden; Colleen Wolkey;Tracy Mullarkey;  Andrea Kashner; Rev. Maggie Ainslie, Chaplain (not pictured).

“What an amazing experience it was to witness how so many departments came together to pull off a wedding in 3 hours’ time. We had a resident who was not well, and his daughter wanted her Dad to see her get married. Nursing, social services, life enrichment, dining services, and our hospital chaplain came together to provide a wedding service and reception for the family. Staff stood in the hall in tears, taking in the beauty of hearing the vows exchanged. The family was provided with a reception lunch, a freshly picked wedding bouquet and even a wedding cake. The resident responded with ‘Amen,’ giving confirmation he was part of their blessed union. He passed hours later. This is one of the most beautiful Pine Run Proud moments!”
— Tracy Mullarkey
Director of Life Enrichment, Health Center

Shawnte Brown prepared a beautiful red velvet layer cake with cream cheese icing and edible flowers.“The daughter and her new husband called me this morning to thank us again for making happen their wish of being married in front of her father. Sadly, the dad passed last night, but I am sure he is smiling from above watching all of the people who rallied to support him and his family along his final journey. Thank you all for going above and beyond for him. As always, I am proud to call Pine Run my family.”
— Colleen Wolkey, RN
Pine Run Health Center

“WOW!!! I had heard about this yesterday afternoon while visiting a Villager, and I can tell you I instantly got chills! To not only be part of this family’s lives taking care of their loved one in his last hours but to be part of a beautiful moment while fulfilling a wish like this…AMAZING!!!”
— Kristy Rickabaugh
Home Care Manager, Special Care

“Amazing! I’m in tears just reading this. Wonderful! This is why I’ve been at Pine Run since 1980!”
— Sharon K. Smith
Director, Lakeview Dining Services

“This was definitely a Pine Run Proud moment! It was so touching, and the staff didn’t blink an eye while running around to get everything set within an hour for this to take place. The chaplain was more than happy to pull away from her busy day as well to tend to this family. The team was attentive enough to see that this patient did not have long to live and knew it was the wish of the daughter, as any daughter, to be married with her father present. Thank you to everyone for proving, again, that we go above and beyond, and that is what sets Pine Run apart from the others!”
— Michelle Chamberlain, RN
Director of Nursing, Pine Run Health Center

“I am sharing a story that made me proud to be part of our culture and community today. In the café, I saw a family who had lost a loved one this morning. I was called over to the table by the daughter who shared the last couple days of being with her Mom and family.
“The daughter warmly expressed the following: I have to tell you Kristy, we were so touched by the number of staff that came into Mom’s room since Friday. It was absolutely amazing to see how they cared, how they interacted with her and the pain they had on their faces as they said their goodbyes. It was people from all over this community (in other levels of living), not just the ones who worked with her now. She proceeded: We were amazed. It was beautiful, a beautiful job and I just had to make sure you knew.
To make a difference in someone's world, you don't have to be amazing, rich, talented, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to be you and care.“She then showed me a picture of the communication board in her Mom’s room which was filled with loving notes from associates who had stopped by.

“To make a difference in someone’s world, you don’t have to be amazing, rich, talented, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to be you and care. We do remarkable things everyday that just seem like the natural thing to do and we sometimes unknowingly make such a difference in doing so. Thank you to everyone who was there for Jackie and her family and who has been there for our countless other families at their most tender moments. Stories like this keep us going, even when days are challenging.”

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Don't take our word for it

“I love working here! I actually enjoy coming to work. Absolutely everyone is very friendly and welcoming.”
Amanda C.
“The Supervisor I have is great, and a good listener!”
Ty R.
“Pine Run is a nice clean place with great co-workers and management is wonderful. I love that every day I walk in the doors and I am welcomed with a ‘hello’ and a big smile!”
Sandra R.
“I continue to be impressed with the level of support from management and lateral employees. Michelle and Rose have been patient and beyond helpful at my training and answering my questions. I feel 100% comfortable asking for help if needed.”
Sarah D.
“It was helpful to orient with a nurse for a week or so and then orient with a second nurse. Nurses and staff always ask me if I’m ‘ok’ or if I need help with anything. I know there is always someone to talk to.”
Paige C.