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Opening in Summer 2019!

Jim Mangol, Senior Director of Healthy Living
Kevin Mallon, Director of Fitness Aquatics
Outdoor yoga
Exercise while walking your dog!

Healthy Living Set to Splash at Pine Run
April 2019

Pine Run residents enjoy socializing in the new Community Center’s dining room.Villagers are soaking in all of the choice amenities in Pine Run’s new Hub – including fresh dining options and activity venues – while awaiting the completion of the expansive aquatic and fitness center set to open this summer. A spacious and contemporary auditorium is also in the final stages of construction with a slate of exciting entertainment beginning in September.

Rendering of the final pool being used for water exercise.Pine Run’s natural setting is utopian for anyone seeking to shape their future health and well being. The new sporting venue being built at the pond’s edge is surrounded by gardens, trees and sunlit decks. All members and guests of the community will soon be taking advantage of the heated pool (84-85°) sized just right for invigorating aquatic classes or swimming laps. Splashes of tile color in hues of the sea, and huge south facing windows add to the extraordinary esthetic. The evening scene in the pool, open for parties and other affairs, will be enhanced with fanciful fountains and underwater lights to set the mood.

Pine Run resident enjoying the pool.Director or Fitness and Aquatics Kevin Mallon hopes to inspire Villagers and Associates to pursue optimal wellness in the water. “My degree is in Exercise and Sport Science from Ursinus College, and I have forged a professional expertise through more than 16 years of working with older adults in a wide range of fitness levels. I strive for each workout to be a creative calibration for all systems of the body to leave you feeling energized, refreshed, balanced and strong!”

The new pool in progress.Beyond the beauty of the 29,000-gallon pool, thoughtful consideration was given to the design of private changing rooms, each luxuriously fitted with a shower, seating area, and heat lamp. “Comfort and privacy creates a synergy proven to help get folks changed easily and in the water,” notes Senior Director of Healthy Living Jim Mangol. “Design and ambience are key to indulging the senses in during any routine. We have created a truly welcoming retreat for personal fitness.”

Rendering of the new fitness center..Adjacent to the swimming pool will be the fully equipped fitness center where members can do even more to stay fit and mentally sharp. New Matrix cardio machines, such as treadmills and bicycles, will feature interactive video screens to boost the fun while training. Members and guests can take advantage of free classes or pump iron according to their own schedule.

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25-year Villager Marge Dunkelberger inks her name on the structural framework.
Maria Santangelo, Ceil Krajewski, and Jim Brexler lean in to sign the truss.
Phase II 2.1.2019
Phase II 2.6.2019
Phase II 2.11.2019
One Vision: The Campaign for Doylestown Health

Truss Signing Marks Milestone for New Hub Construction
February 2019

The signed wood truss was set precisely in place to signal a construction milestone.Framing work by Gorski Construction is now underway for Phase Two of the commanding campus centerpiece, affectionately known as the HUB. One of the treasured wood roof trusses, signed by more than 200 Villagers and Associates at Pine Run along with leaders of Doylestown Health, was raised and set precisely in place as a part of a community celebration surrounding the construction milestone on February 1. Doylestown Health’s President and CEO Jim Brexler encouraged everyone to sign the truss and to think about how Pine Run has truly been transformed with more than $37 million in site renovations including innovative new cottage designs and scenic courtyards. Additionally, upgrades to the entire Five-Star Health Center and a complete revitalization of the secure dementia neighborhoods have been completed.

As the newly appointed Executive Director of Pine Run Retirement Community, Maria Santangelo has a deep appreciation for the distinctive qualities of the community, having served in a variety of roles since she arrived at Pine Run in 2010. “The 43-year history of Pine Run is really special and speaks to the shared vision of the Village Improvement Association (VIA) and Doylestown Health to improve the wellbeing of members in the community,” notes Santangelo. “I know with the support of our Villagers and the One Vision Campaign, Pine Run will continue to serve many generations.”

We invite you to join us with One Vision. Philanthropic investments will allow our new Community Center to provide fresh opportunities for vibrant living. See or call Garrett Owen, director of development, at 215.345.2802.

Phase 2 Forges Ahead!
January 2019

Catching the adrenaline-fueled spirit of a crew charting a course to get ahead of a storm, the Gorski Construction team, led by Supervisor Will Miller, completed an installation of 13 tractor trailer loads of precast concrete plank to form the structural floor system for the auditorium in Phase 2 of the New Hub. The concrete plank also acts as the ceiling structure over the indoor pool and fitness areas.

“Talk about threading the needle, Will worked this between two rainstorms and finished before the 40 MPH winds started,” noted Jerry Gorski, president of Gorski Engineering. “The heavy material, weighing approximately 124 tons, hoisted by crane and laid over 40 spans, can withstand the indoor pool environment on the first floor and it will provide superior strength and sound reduction between floors.”

Onlookers appreciated watching the choreography of riggers, specialists in safely hauling heavy loads with pulleys, ropes, and winches. It was a tricky job in the heavy mist, and they performed with confidence, slinging each plank and guiding the crane operator to a precise landing.

“This is an important milestone in the construction schedule and it will be exciting to see the swimming pool and fitness areas now take shape with purposeful finishes. For example, a special ‘acoustic block’ with engineered slits will be installed in the walls to help quiet the areas. The blocks have a nice color and texture suited to the environment,” enthused Amber Bahr, architectural project manager for the project.

Senior Director of Healthy Living Jim Mangol strongly considered the functionality of the aquatic space along with aesthetics in the design phase. His expertise was instrumental to placement of floor-to-ceiling windows on the pond facing facade to facilitate an endless view of the terrace, water, and the trees edging the curvy campus. “Design and ambience are key to a successful fitness program,” says Jim, a nationally recognized fitness and wellness program developer and SEPPA member (Senior Exercise Professionals of PA) with over 18 years’ experience in the industry. “I want everyone seeking a personal path to wellness to find inspiration at Pine Run.”

Stay tuned! Opening festivities are in the planning stages for June and July 2019.

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HUB Opening

HUB Opening

HUB Opening

HUB Opening

HUB Opening

High praise for opening day at New Pine Run Hub

HUB OpeningOpening day at the New Hub on August 27 was exhilarating with everyone at Pine Run bustling and taking pride in the beauty of the light-filled spaces. Perched higher than the original HUB, with loads of amenities, the spotlight falls on two levels of dining venues overlooking an attractive terrace, bar, and pond where Villagers can eat, drink, and relax with their neighbors.

HUB OpeningVillagers arriving for dinner, sipped refreshing beverages while perusing the choices on the menu. “The first week will be a whirl, with the last breaths of summer heat, and nostalgia in many hearts, adding a glow to festivities,” said Sue Knapp, Director of Dining Services in the Village.

A true sense of place – a sense of Bucks County – is evident throughout the Community Center.

HUB OpeningThe grand stairwell connecting the upper and lower galleries of the building serves to amplify more of the cozy assumptions residents cherish at Pine Run. Ample seating in the wide landing areas, accented with original art exhibits, promote conversation about upcoming trips and such, while the glass walls offer sweeping views of the bucolic campus. A puzzle table is located here too, with handsome wainscoting imposing a sense of quiet elegance to the popular corner.

HUB OpeningThe casual lifestyle continues to unfold in a tour of the flexible activity rooms, convivial billiard court, and accessible computer nook and library. “The library is just one part of the new interactive scene, and our volunteers were all so willing to jump in to shelve more than 1500 books in the collection,” noted Library Committee Chair Louise Fetter. “All of this activity has sparked ideas about offering book deliveries to our members and adding a book club for special interests.”

HUB OpeningExecutive Director Maria Santangelo commended the entire project team on the success of Phase 1 of the new building: “I excitedly wrote to Architect Amber Bahr of AG Architecture, Jerry Gorski – President of Gorski Engineering, and Interior Designer Carol Elia about the sheer abundance of positive comments expressed by associates and Villagers as they streamed through the doors today. The feeling is attractive, friendly, and instantly beloved by everyone taking in the warm atmosphere and impeccable views! We can’t wait for Phase 2 to open next spring.”

HUB OpeningHUB Opening


HUB OpeningHUB Opening

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Xx balances a stack of convenient take-out boxes.

Pine Run Chefs and Servers circle around to close a successful day.

Amanda Schlotter and Dawn Teat, FLIK Service Manager for Village Dining, are among the many bright smiles that greet Pine Run Villagers and associates every day.

New Hub venues
provide broad appeal
for diners at Pine Run

Chef Runyan skillfully tosses a pie next to the new pizza oven in The Grill.Everyone could smell the makings of good pizza upon entry to the New Hub at Pine Run during pre-opening festivities on August 22, but the crowd of more than 100 associates stopped first to devour the airy space warmed with beams of light, rich wood accents, gleaming fixtures, and generous seating areas signaling a sense of community that has always been cradled in the center of Pine Run’s 43-acre campus.

“The multiple dining venues are stunning with gorgeous views out of every window,” noted Senior Director of Villager Services Ceil Krajewski. “The quiet elegance of the upper dining galleries will appeal to our traditionalists while others will gravitate to the casual venues.”

Dave Fogel, Sue Knapp, and Pam Shannon strike a playful pose at the bar.Indeed, the casual Pub & Grill, located on the lower level and open to the deck at pond’s edge, was animated with a convergence of chefs in the midst of pizza preparation and sandwich making while caregivers, housekeepers, and all ranks of other Pine Run Associates patiently waited to taste the crusty pies made vivid with a smooth purée of red sauce, and a variety of scented cheeses and herbs. “There are still kinks to work out,” said Chef Doug Runyan. “We have all of our staples stocked and seasonal menus prepared, but we need practice staging each course in the new kitchen to best showcase the flavors and textures on each plate.”

Julie Capriotti serves up another crowd favorite – thick layered Stromboli.Others approached a long sandwich bar where magic happens with fresh greens and locally sourced meats. The New England seafood roll and chicken parmesan panini were the inspired samplings of the day with a suggested pairing of zesty homemade chips, vegetables, and a burst of chilled juices.

Toni Kimball lights up while serving tastes of deliciousness!“Getting tasty food quickly is certainly a selling point for our associates working a variety of shifts,” stated Senior Director of Human Resources Terrance Randolph. “Also, we now have a new perk – savory soups and healthy stir-fry that are winners for take-out meals at the end of a long day.”

Matt McPherson keeps up a firey pace at the party.Tempting dessert options topped off the lunchtime party. Refreshing ice cream treats, nibbles of fresh baked cookies, and cool slices of rich cheesecake satisfied even the hungriest in the crowd.

“It’s not just about the new menu. The flexibility created by the extended hours and variety of choices is what excites me the most. By operating 12 hours daily, the entire campus will be given more opportunity to gather and socialize at any given time,” expressed Senior Director of Dining Services Dave Fogel. “Today’s event is helping us be ready to succeed on opening day.”

France Davis-Aidee and Comfort Dassin relax with a tasty meal in the new Grill.

Scenic aerial view of Pine Run highlights natural curves on the blooming campus.
Delicious fresh pizza will be available in the new Hub.

All of Life is an Art
July, 2018

All of life is an art. Why not live yours in the soaring galleries emerging now at Pine Run? The New Hub, now scheduled to open in late summer, is stomping grounds for more than 340 active Villagers pursuing the fine art of healthy living.

Ceil Krajewski and Dave Fogel anticipate opening festivities.“More space will give us opportunity to embrace some standout traditions from Pine Run’s 42-year history as well as add aquatics to our slate of artful activities,” enthuses Ceil Krajewski, senior director of Villager Services. “The Villagers will enjoy more interactive space on the main level where billiards, classes, and conversations over cocktails will all be within easy reach.”

Dave Fogel, senior director of dining services, checks out the pizza oven and other provisions in the new cafe.Sure to be popular is The Grill & Pub featuring upscale sandwiches and action stations serving carved meats, pasta, burgers, pizza, and other zesty fare. This exciting venue is positioned in close proximity to the dreamy outdoor deck overlooking the pond.

Amenities in the 36,000-SF campus centerpiece – with a grand opening slated for Spring 2019 – will also include an indoor swimming pool, fitness club, country store and beauty salon.

Villager Don Rapp takes a straight approach to the steps between floors. Elevators will offer a speedier alternative.
A scenic aerial view of Pine Run’s pond highlights the fit of new construction into the natural curves of the blooming campus.

Advisory Board Tours
New HUB at Pine Run
on May 10, 2018

June, 2018

Leaders from Doylestown Health and Pine Run converge in the grand hall for the tour led by Will Miller, project manager for Gorski Engineering.The Pine Run Advisory Board had its first look at the sprawling new community center on Thursday, May 10. Scheduled to open in late June, they observed teams of craftsmen under the direction of Gorski Engineering applying their talents to the finish carpentry and electrical installations.


A carpenter has amazing light to cut window trim in one of the dining galleries.The special “Hard Hat Tour” gave chance for leaders, including Doylestown Health CEO Jim Brexler, Doylestown Health Board Chair Joan Parlee, Pine Run Advisory Board Chair Carolyn Della Rodolfa, Villager Board Vice President Don Rapp, Pine Run’s Interim Executive Director Maria Santangelo and other senior members of management to see the commanding space with a host of dining galleries and activity venues.

Todd Bachl and Mimi Lipson consider the appealing proximity of the first level Cafe to the outdoor deck.“The generous scale of space and the panoramic windows accenting the open feel of our New Hub is transformative for our community. The Villagers will especially enjoy the variety of fresh dining options along with the expansive views and connectivity to the outdoors. The waterside deck will be very popular for casual fare, cocktails, and evening entertainment in warm weather seasons,” noted Maria Santangelo.

A pageantry of color edges the reflective pond and dreamy blue sky at Pine Run.Amenities in the 36,000 SF campus centerpiece – with a grand opening slated for late 2018 – will also include an indoor swimming pool, fitness club, and beauty salon.


Greet the New Renaissance at Pine Run!
April, 2018

All of life is an art. Why not live yours in the galleries emerging now in the NEW HUB at Pine Run? Scheduled to open in late June, the construction for Phase 1 of the 36,000 SF project continues to be on pace, and the milestones completed to date, such as the dramatic porte cochere, serve to heighten anticipation throughout the community.

Beginning with the vaulted entry and handsome stone fireplace, the elements of design, construction, and lighting create a balanced synergy of tradition along with a new sense of liveliness.

Beyond the beauty of the intimate living room and open passages, Pine Run Villagers will be drawn to move through a series of themed dining galleries and take in the panoramic views of Pine Run’s campus. Sure to be popular is The Grill & Pub featuring healthy options along with upscale sandwiches and action stations serving carved meats, pasta, burgers, pizza, and other zesty fare. This exciting venue is positioned in close proximity to the outdoor deck overlooking the pond.

The interactive scene on the main level, quite generous in scale, means billiards, book discussions, classes, and conversations over cocktails will all be within easy reach. Amenities such as the beauty salon and country store are also accessible here.

The architects, AG Architecture of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, have successfully infused the space with the warmth of a Bucks County welcome enriched by many months of planning and spirited interaction with our Villagers, Associates, and Gorski Engineering. Established in 1992, AG Architecture’s widely respected team has been commissioned to design and build senior living communities across the nation.

Generations of residents have always turned to Pine Run for the certainty of comforts and services. We hope you agree that life remains inspiring where you really can find it all – at Pine Run Continuing Care Retirement Community, one of the many stars of Doylestown Health!

To schedule a personal tour of vibrant living options at Pine Run, call Dan or Linda at 800.992.8992.

Pine Run has completed $37 million in campus renovations including new cottages…

…enhanced sidewalks…

…fully upgraded Health Center…

and more.

New Community Center Construction Advances
January, 2018

New construction in the heart of Pine Run has been beating faster of late as Gorski Construction crews work to install the roof, windows, and exterior finishes on Phase 1 of the new 36,000 square foot Community Center before severe weather sets in. The work on the first and second floor interior framing, rough electrical wiring, plumbing, and second floor structural wood framing continues.

The dramatic porte cochere has taken shape, creating a sense of excitement about expanded parking and welcoming access to central commons.

The new “Hub,” stomping grounds for more than 340 active Villagers, will include versatile spaces knows as “galleries” for food, fitness, and fun.

“More space will give us opportunity to embrace some standout traditions from Pine Run’s 41-year history, such as the Annual Art Show for Bucks County Artists 55+ and the Crafters Annual Fall Festival, as well as add fresh energy to our slate of activities,” enthuses Ceil Krajewski, director of Life Enrichment for Independent Living.

Ribbon cutting events for the first phase of construction are planned for the summer. The second phase of this milestone project will include a large auditorium on the upper level, indoor swimming pool, and sunlit Fitness Center on the lower level.

Pine Run has completed $37 million in campus renovations including new cottages, scenic courtyard designs, enhanced sidewalks, parking options, and technology systems. Additionally, upgrades to all five floors of its top-rated Health Center and a complete revitalization of secure dementia neighborhoods has also been completed.

To learn more about Pine Run’s transformational projects and job opportunities call Denise at 215.340.5245.

To schedule a personal tour of vibrant living options at Pine Run, call Dan or Linda at 800.992.8992.

to the New
Community Center

October, 2017

At Pine Run, construction of the Community Center, affectionately known as “The Hub,” is taking center stage on campus.

The dynamic new space, architecturally suited to the character of Bucks County and complementary to the historic elements of Pine Run, will include expanded amenities such as a sunlit Fitness Center, heated indoor swimming pool, flexible classrooms, and multiple dining galleries at pond’s edge to give even more choices for active living on campus.

Gorski Constructioneering of Collegeville, a leading Design-Build-Development organization, has set a practiced schedule for the transformative undertaking at Pine Run.*

*Schedule subject to change depending on weather and other factors