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The Egans

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Taste & Tour!

Taste & TourComing to one of these fun events is one of the best ways to experience all that is new and refreshing about Pine Run. Enjoy a complementary lunch designed to show off Pine Run’s culinary scope, followed by tours of not just the cottages where no two are the same, but the energizing lifestyle that so many people find essential and rewarding.

A Taste and Tour event will answer many important questions in an easy conversational way, with other guests who have also come to see just what it is that makes Pine Run such a popular choice.

“We spent the day wandering around meeting people and saw the variety of ways everyone was involved in something,” says Richard Egan, now a Pine Run resident with his wife Carolyn. A convivial evening of laughter and conversation over dinner wrapped up a day full of discovery for them both. “That was when we had our big ‘Aha!’ moment,” said Richard. “We looked around and realized that we not only liked the community experience but saw how easily we could fit into that environment; specifically, the culture we found at Pine Run.”

Upcoming Taste And Tour Events!

French Country Luncheon
Wednesday, September 16
French Country Luncheon & Tour at 11 am

Saturday, October 3
Fall Festival & Cottage Tours from 10 am to 3 pm

Fall Festival