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After the Event
Delana & James P. Blore, Jr
Anne E. Bobek and Executive Director Cathleen Stewart
Servers with candy.

Gala event honors trailblazers at Pine Run!

Scores of residents, associates, special guests, and leaders of Doylestown Health turned out to shine a light on the accomplishments of retiring Pine Run Medical Director James P. Blore, Jr., MD and Senior Human Resource Director Anne E. Bobek at a reception held on Friday, December 9 in Pine Run’s auditorium.


Executive Director Cathleen Stewart kicked off the celebration by expressing how much she would miss the depth of experience and wise counsel of her trusted colleagues.

“Jim has been a calm, invaluable resource to Pine Run for 39 years, seeing thousands of patients, and, as medical director since 1989, he has created numerous policies and safety protocols to benefit our community,” Stewart said.

Bobek, a former critical care nurse, transitioned to Human Resources at Pine Run 22 years ago. Bobek, Stewart said, has an amazing ability to balance discipline and rewards. “She reimagined our service philosophy, and helped shape our master plan with sound counsel and humor, while simultaneously making meaningful connections with our associates and their families,” Stewart recalled.

“I can’t think of anyone with your tenures who have touched so many lives, while also leveraging your skills and gifts in so many ways,” noted Doylestown Health CEO Jim Brexler.

The warm fanfare continued with comments from Richard A. Reif, former CEO of Doylestown Hospital and Doylestown Health Chief Medical Officer Scott Levy, MD. Their tributes highlighted the positive impact of their collective works on the legacy of the health system.

The tributes to the tenure and dedicated leadership of Dr. Jim Blore and Anne Bobek were concluded with festively wrapped commemorative gifts.

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