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The Unami Middle School Auditorium was decked out like a malt shop to set the mood for the 50's style Sock Hop. Pictured: Mercedes Sanoja-Suarez, Cecily Gibson
Mary Terpening donned her Bebopper outfit for the Sock Hop. Pictured here with Unami student Juntae Rocker.

Villagers Rocked
at Friday Night Sock Hop

Twenty seven Pine Run Villagers turned back time dancing with a talented troupe of 9th graders at the Unami Middle School Sock Hop held after school on Friday, April 15. The rollicking event was staged in the gymnasium, all decked out as a malt shop, and complete with burgers, fries, real milkshakes, and a disc jockey to spin the records and inspire a floor show.

Tunes such as Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” and “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis Presley prompted spirited partner dancing, while Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” gave opportunity for all to link arms for a leg-kicking line dance! The twist was another popular dance that got everyone in the groove. Kathleen Augustine and Woody Carter were winners in the jitterbug contest – they kindly passed their “free pizza” prizes along to their nimble young dance partners.
Pat Fey and Carolyn Egan crafted their own belted poodle skirts for the occasion – perfect for the tempo of the 50’s swing dances and the jitterbug. Mary Terpening and Rhea Jones fashioned themselves in the jazzy “Bebop” style with peppy red scarves, white shirts, rolled up jeans and bobby socks. The teenage hosts and hostesses were dressed in “Doo-wop” duds too, the girls sporting skirts and hair ribbons while the boys favored jeans and leather jackets.

Other entertainment included a clever 1950’s trivia contest with questions written by the Unami teachers. Being that the students are members of the Tech Club, and engaged with Villagers in monthly digital device learning sessions, the prizes included mouse pads and flash drives for winners to take home to Pine Run.

“They pulled off a great party and we hope it turns into an annual event,” said Villager Rich Egan. “We sure have fun connecting with the kids at Unami and we appreciate that the Student Council originates creative ideas to partner with Pine Run, and then the school leadership helps make it happen.”