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Holiday Bake Sale
at Pine Run
Health Center
The Home Life Committee of the Village Improvement Association (VIA) staged their Annual Holiday Bake Sale at Pine Run Health Center on the morning of November 16th…
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The flavors of France were perfectly captured in a magical meal served at Pine Run Retirement Village on October 18…
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Pine Run Make a Wish 2017
Make a Wish Day, where we grant our Villagers special requests, is one of the most celebrated and impactful events on the Ferry Road Campus every year…
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Flag Waving Feast Tops off National Nursing Home Week
Pine Run celebrated National Nursing Home Week from May 14 through May 20 with a special slate of activities…
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Pine Run
Culinary Competition
Timing and mood is everything when it comes to food, and both elements were put into play for a Valentine-themed cooking contest…
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Pine Run Veterans’ Breakfast
Although not everyone in attendance could stand, more than 100 veterans were in strong unison as they recited the Pledge of Allegiance during the opening moments of the Veterans’ Breakfast…
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Lakeview Carnival
is a Slam Dunk
The smell of the funnel cake was enough to draw a crowd. Add to that a surge of summer weather, and a tickle of nostalgia, to create an unbeatable day for the afternoon CARNIVAL & FAMILY PICNIC…
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Fun Friday Sponge Art
An acrylic sponge painting class held on Friday, July 28 was a refreshing adventure for 15 novice and experienced artists…
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Singular Sensations Cottage Tours
Come see this thoughtful selection of delightful cottages…
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Get a Sneak Peek!
At neighborhood sales happening NOW.
Get informed about how to reach your goals, particularly in this changeable market…
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Pine Run Halloween Party
Pine Run hosted a Pinterest worthy Halloween Party on October 31…
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Fall Fun Tour Event
Pine Run is full of surprising delights and talented residents. Discover how their active lifestyles inspire and lead the way in a naturally beautiful setting…
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Lakeview Dog Show
A grand audience came out to see a variety of lovable pooches make their way around the ring in the Lakeview dining room on July 25…
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Pine Run Egg Hunt 2017
We want to thank Tracy Mullarkey and Brian Taing, for orchestrating a fun and fanciful family event on Saturday, April 15…
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