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Dylan, age 7, with his mom Michelle Haughney, cools off with a red cherry popsicle.
Ann Chendorain flared with American spirit!
Kristin Cooper evokes a laugh during festivities.
Dining hosts Daniel McClain and Marsha Reeves take in the flavor of the summer like scene on the deck.
Tim Hayes makes a plea for more fun Fridays.

Flag Waving Feast
Tops off National
Nursing Home Week

Sweet, crunchy watermelon was a treat for Doctor Tramontana and members of Pine Run's nursing leadership team.Pine Run celebrated National Nursing Home Week from May 14 through May 20 with a special slate of activities planned by Tracy Mullarkey, Life Enrichment Director at Pine Run Health Center.

Associates, residents, and volunteers shared the bond of community all week with fun events amplifying the theme “The Spirit of America.” Even Uncle Sam, masterfully channeled by Chris Garges, made a appearance to tip his red and white striped top hat to the crowds.

This red, white, and blue trio sparked with patriotism.Michelle Haughney, senior administrator of skilled nursing at Pine Run, enthused about the opportunity to applaud our industry and the teamwork that happens all year to serve residents and families.

“I was proud to see a packed house for the talent show at the end of the week. Our performers were lively and witty and Tracy Mullarkey did a phenomenal job orchestrating the whole week of events along with dining services,” said Haughney.

The festivities culminated on Friday afternoon with a Flag-Waving Feast and America’s Got Talent Show!

The Housekeeping Team took pleasure in camaraderie and good food at the picnic.Juicy burgers, chilled salads, flavorful baked beans, refreshing watermelon and novelty ice cream treats were catered under the shade of a white tent on the fourth floor deck.

Back inside later, the fresh flow of talent on stage – including a melodious Nat King Cole song from Terrance Randolph, guitar tunes by Brent and Brian, a selection of violin music by Jeanne Redner’s daughters, a hilarious ‘synchronized swimming routine’ by Tracy, Ann, and Deb, and an impressive combination of ballroom dancing and karate by Rita and Dave Holden – drew warm ovations from colleagues and residents alike.

Nilsa Perez and Ann Chendorain share a hug on the deck.Susan Coffey and Kristin Cooper lean in for a fun photo.

Julie Kozak and Andrea Kashner show off their pearly whites!Eric Kitei photo bombs Tracy Mullarkey.

Donna Nicolazzo and Patti Bilinski relax and keep cool in the afternoon heat.The Transportation team connect and turn on the charm for photographer Jung Wi.