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Sponge painting landscapes
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Ginny Benner teaching sponge art
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Fun Friday Sponge Art

Learning to sponge paintAs summer temperatures soar, Pine Run Villagers find cool things to do inside.

An acrylic sponge painting class held on Friday, July 28 was a refreshing adventure for 15 novice and experienced artists.

Inspired by the instructor, Ginny Benner of Oreland, participants plunged into painting with a variety of sponges and vibrant colors set out on paper pallets.

Learning to sponge paintAfter lightly washing their paper with water, they learned to dip, squeeze, and twist the sponges to grab the proper amount of paint. Long, circular strokes were advised to start the background for the sky and landscape, while quick taps with the sponges added shrubs and texture. As the class progressed, it was amazing to see that coarse and smooth sponges applied in short and long drags created fine details such as grass and flowers.

Sponge paintingFinal highlights to the works were added by quickly skimming with a kitchen “scrubbie” and a simple frame completed each picture.

Carolyn Brockman was pleased to create a lush landscape in the one hour class. “I had fun learning a new approach to painting. Who knew make-up sponges could elevate my art?”

Learning to sponge paintSponge painting

Learning to sponge paint