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Lakeview Dog Show

All smilesA grand audience came out to see a variety of lovable pooches make their way around the ring in the Lakeview dining room on July 25. The happy procession was paced perfectly for all admirers to pet heads, fluff fur, and offer warm belly rubs as the canines covered the room.

“The crowd always falls hard for this event,” said Maureen Riley, director of life enrichment at Lakeview. “Who would miss a chance to cuddle with so many four-legged friends?”

Black lab spreading cheerMost of the handlers are family members and staff who are used to interacting with residents at Lakeview. “Luke, an 18-year old toy Shih-Tzu, melts a lot of hearts here and he loves all of the attention,” enthused Nanette Barbiche, whose uncle resides at Lakeview. “Dogs can really break down barriers and encourage conversation,” she said, calling the event at Lakeview a positive part of everyone’s day.

“Events and opportunities to socialize are daily attractions at Lakeview,” agrees Riley. “We are blessed to have so many volunteers drawn to help our seniors stay connected to familiar comforts like a family pet.”

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