“Guiding change takes careful consideration, and our aim is to ensure residents, patients and families that their care and privacy are paramount…”
– Jim Brexler, new CEO and President
    of Doylestown Hospital

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Jim Brexler, President and CEO of Doylestown Health and Pine Run Executive Director Cathleen Stewart, celebrate the completion of renovations at Pine Run Health Center. As the alignment of Doylestown Health with Pine Run brings a full continuum of coordinated care to the community.
Health Center Renovations Complete
A grand opening Splash! event heralded the completion of the Pine Run Health Center renovations; brand new, with lovely accommodations for patients, residents and their family. Rooms soothe and smooth the way for healing and calm. More luxury touches and private accommodations help the healing process. Comfortable dining arrangements that feel and look right, highlight meals and invite conversation. It’s a wonderful transformation.

“The renovation and refocus on the continuum of care at Pine Run Health Center strengthens the ability of our health system to remain a high-quality, efficient provider of care though all stages of life,” said Jim Brexler, President and CEO of Doylestown Health.
“With these extensive renovations and a refreshed vision of excellence in healthcare delivery, Pine Run Health Center is ready for the next generation of healthcare consumer who seeks value and superior outcomes,”
said Cathleen Stewart, executive director of
Pine Run Community.
Key Objectives Met:

  • Increase private accommodations and add more residential space everywhere
  • New dining options, bistro-style on each floor and an enlarged Cottonwood Cafe

  • Expand rehabilitative therapies space and equipment, including private spa rooms
  • Enhanced technology for physicians and nurses to access diagnostic data sources

Health Center Renovations – Private Room