“The renovation at Pine Run Health Center strengthens the ability of our health system to remain a high quality, efficient provider of care through all stages of life.”
– Jim Brexler,
   President and CEO of Doylestown Health

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CMS Five-Star Quality Rated

Vicki Bosler pins a carnation on Dr. Martynek

Dining in Pine Run’s country kitchens creates a sense of wellness as patients order from a menu and socialize with other rehab patients. Private rooms help lower infection rates while providing a tranquil setting for recovery. Families and friends gather in our warm, inviting living rooms; visitors are welcome 24/7.

U.S. News and World Report rates Pine Run Health Center HIGH PERFORMING
Pine Run Rehab
Pine Run Health Center was the only Doylestown facility to receive a High Performing rating for Overall Care of all residents, both short and long stays, as well as a High Performing rating for Short-Stay Rehabilitation.

U.S. News & World Report has released its latest ratings identifying top nursing homes in the nation. In the 2018-19 ratings, U.S. News evaluated 695 nursing homes in Pennsylvania and thousands across the country. The homes are given an overall rating as well as a new short-stay rehabilitation rating.

The data used to evaluate these facilities come from the federal Nursing Home Compare program, and include metrics of nurse staffing, patient outcomes, facility complaints, and routine patient care. In addition to these measures, nursing homes were assessed based on the appropriateness of the therapy minutes provided to their residents as well the consistency of their reported nurse staffing across self-reported and payroll based reporting systems.

To learn more about Pine Run Health Center and Rehabilitation, call Vicki Bosler at 215.340.5201.

Pine Run Health Center earns top 5-Star rating
Pine Run Health Center was recognized with the highest rating – five stars – by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for overall quality. The overall quality score is comprised of a number of measures relating to health department inspections, staffing and quality measures.

“The five-star designation affirms the quality and skill of dedicated Associates who care for both short-term and long-term residents of Pine Run Health Center with a variety of health conditions.” — Maria Santangelo, Pine Run Executive Director
Maria Santangelo, Executive DirectorMichelle Chamberlain, RN, Director of Nursing Aruni Muhandiram-Aratchi, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing

Pine Run Health Center Receives Excellent Survey
The Pine Run Health Center was proud to receive an excellent annual survey report from the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Friday, February 23, 2018. The unscheduled nursing care inspections are conducted to make sure state and federal regulations for care are followed. Over a three-day period, the team of four surveyors visited Pine Run to audit resident records, observe protocols for care and staff interactions, as well as to interview residents and family members. They complimented Pine Run on its teamwork between staff with nurses helping aides and vice versa. In addition to being in compliance with state and federal regulations, the surveyors commented on Pine Run’s initiative in adapting to new regulations. Click to read more.

Pine Run Health Center Receives Excellent Survey

Pine Run Health Center earned a zero-deficiency survey with the Pennsylvania Department of Health on February 5, 2016. The annual survey is unannounced and is very detailed, thorough, and intense. Inspectors who act as agents for the state as well as the federal government spent four days at Pine Run, combing through charts, quizzing staff on standards of care, and conversing with patients and residents to inquire as to their personal satisfaction with Pine Run.

Zero Deficiencies!