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Palliative Care
Linking professionalism with compassion, Pine Run’s clinical team collaborates with physicians, patients, and families to bring the power of chronic pain management to a new level. The focus of this specialized care is helping rehabilitative patients and long-term residents achieve the best quality of life while managing physical symptoms and other debilitating challenges experienced with cancer and other advanced and complex medical illnesses. Our approach includes progressive protocols, based on research and quality measures, for refined transitional care. The best outcome is always a successful and safe return home.
End of Life Care
At a time often feared by many, including family members, Pine Run embraces each person in their experience. Pine Run’s proud legacy has been to honor the individual even as one faces the very end of life. Additionally, our mission is rooted in the belief of actively serving the health and wellness of families. Pine Run embraces each person, loved ones and family members, with a gentle and soothing approach backed by the strength of our experienced clinical team, social service experts, compassionate chaplains, and all caregivers, making a tender time as comfortable and enriching as is desired in The Willows.