Active, healthy and ready to go, fitness and wellness combine into a lifestyle to enjoy at Pine Run.

Fit for LIFE! stands for Longevity, Independence, Function and Empowerment. With those attributes no wonder it is one of the most popular programs offered at Pine Run.

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Find wellness everywhere at Pine Run, matching and complementing the individual. Among the free classes that are offered…Mind Aerobics that stimulate and exercise your brain. The more you use it, the healthier it stays.
Total Body is a targeted workout from head to toe. Invigorating and smart! Combine it if you like with Balance and Posture to increase suppleness.
Lively fun, professional instruction and personal goal achievement are just some of the benefits gained from this fine-tuned wellness program. Engaging the mind, body and spirit is part of Pine Run’s wellness philosophy regardless of age or ability. It all comes together for you with energy to spare for a busy day, putting more lift in your stride and even more laughter.
Looking for something different? Chair Yoga & Pilates offers an alternative workout focusing on the mind/body connection.
Pool time! All Villagers enjoy a free membership and regular transportation to the energizing Aquatic Center and Spa located within the Doylestown Hospital Health and Wellness Center. Noted for a complete aquatic program with a variety of indoor heated pools, membership at this world class facility adds another dimension to the Pine Run wellness program.