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Coordinator Dottie Rimmer, pictured with her husband Byron, hopes the signage brings attention to the food distribution site at 22 East Butler Avenue in New Britain.

Pine Run's abundant fruit pies weighed in at 225 pounds as Jon Long, Chef Philip Dersch, and Alicia Goldblum eye the scale with Dorothy Rimmer!

Quiet corner is home to a busy
Food Larder in Bucks County

A pinch of sugar dresses the top of a yummy apple pie.Dottie Rimmer is glad the holiday spirit kindles donations for those in need. Keeping the shelves stocked at the New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder has become more challenging in recent years in the face of funding cut-backs and the cost of equipment, such as freezers.

The Food Larder is entirely operated and staffed by 60 dedicated volunteers, led by Dottie Rimmer and her husband Byron, so 100% of donations directly benefit approximately 225 needy families each month in Central Bucks County. Volunteers sort bulk foods, canned goods, household cleaning supplies and toiletries, check dates on packaging, and monitor the shelves to help keep items in stock each Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Caitlyn McCullough pulls a warm pie from the oven at Pine Run.
A special delivery of
75 apple, cherry, and pumpkin pies from neighboring Pine Run Retirement Community helped complete Thanksgiving meals
for area families that would otherwise have had
to do without.

To donate or volunteer, call 215.345.9170.
Pine Run Villager Bill Kurz (on behalf of Lenape Valley Presbyterian Church) delivers bread to the New Britain Baptist Church Food Larder every Wednesday.

Hostess Annie Tiers steps off the Pine Run Trolley to complete delivery of 75 pumpkin, apple, and cherry pies.

The Pine Run chefs and cooks felt as festive as the beautifully wrapped pie boxes!