Making news comes with the territory at Pine Run Retirement Community. Busy days filled with creative energy spark community-wide events and personal accomplishments.
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Fit for Life!
Lifestyle Opportunities Abound at Pine Run

When Richard Michie, 78, heads out for his daily walk, his beloved poodle, Thor, can’t wait to join him. The pair covers four to five miles a day on the beautiful campus of Doylestown Health’s Pine Run Retirement Community, often joined by two-legged and
four-legged friends.

“Age is just a number,” says Richard, who has tracked 1,000
miles on his FitBit. He says Pine Run makes it easy to keep moving with covered trails and a dog-friendly environment that allows him to keep Thor
by his side. “We’ve walked almost every path here.”

When it’s time to unwind, Richard enjoys Chair Yoga, reaping the relaxing strength and flexibility benefits of yoga, while seated in a chair.

Fit for All
Whether you’re a gym newbie or a lifetime fitness buff, Pine Run Retirement Community has a workout for you!

Exercise changes lives, reducing heart disease and diabetes risk, improving mood, and increasing stamina and flexibility.

“We want everyone to benefit from a fit lifestyle, and our Villagers are having fun, making new friends and improving their health,” says Maureen Goldsmith, co-director of the Fitness Center at Pine Run.

Experienced trainers, Maureen and co-director Carol Nieto have dedicated themselves to spreading the gym bug, attracting more Villagers to Pine Run’s fully equipped fitness center and broad array of classes.

Fitness Challenges
Outfitting 64 Villagers with pedometers, Maureen and Carol organized a virtual hike on the Appalachian Trail, from Mt. Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mt. in Georgia. “Hikers” achieved their 2190-mile goal in 103 days by combining their accomplishments on treadmills, steppers, and the walking trails of Pine Run’s beautiful, 43-acre campus.

“We couldn’t believe the response! People were having so much
fun tracking their progress,” says Maureen. This fall, Villagers are undertaking a new challenge that employs brains as well as brawn, competing in Pine Run’s version of “The Amazing Race.” Villagers are deciphering coded messages, solving math problems, building houses of cards and more, while virtually cycling their way through the Tour de France.

The Personal Touch
“We know there’s nothing fun about sitting on a machine for 30 minutes,” says Maureen, “So we offer complimentary personal training, small-group interaction and other activities to help our Villagers stay engaged while doing cardiovascular and strength training, stretching and balance work.” By expanding hours and spreading the word about the fully equipped fitness center, complimentary for Villagers, attendance doubled in one month!

“Our exercisers get their blood flowing. They say they have more energy and fewer aches and pains. Their muscles are stronger, so there is less stress on joints,” says Maureen. “They support and motivate each other because they want everybody to feel as good as they do.”

“You can see how our Villagers who have exercised for a long
time benefit health-wise. When they do have a health crisis or injury, they bounce back faster,” says Carol.

Classes for a Lifetime of Fitness
Betty Kitson, 82, discovered the gym after raising her two children. “I’ve been exercising for 40 years. It is a high priority,” says Betty, who also served as a fitness instructor in her 50s.

“Classes are fun, and I like the variety,” says Betty, who takes Interval Training, Mat Yoga (a favorite for relaxation, stretching and flexibility) and Zumba Gold. “Our instructors are highly experienced. They emphasize cardio, strength, flexibility, balance and core, and are aware of our physical limitations. I think it’s important to keep active,” says Betty, who also likes the social atmosphere of working out with a group. “We go to the Cafe for coffee and conversation after class.”

Complimentary Classes Offered
Zumba Gold
Chair Tap
Chair Yoga
Tai Chi
Total Body
Cardio Circuit

Free membership to Aquatic Center and Spa located within the Health and Wellness Center in Warrington

Learn more about active living options
at Pine Run Retirement Community,
call 800-992-8992.