Making news comes with the territory at Pine Run Retirement Community. Busy days filled with creative energy spark community-wide events and personal accomplishments.
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5-Star Award
Deborah Kovitch,
Companion Services

The 5 Star Award winner exemplifies the Make Their Day! service philosophy and is an outstanding associate who shines throughout the year.

Angel Awards
Pine Run Community
Mary Beth Baringer
Sandy Cantone
Geri Mena Firlein
Heather Flor
Ian Hauser
Leah Hill
Nicole Impal
Amanda Miller
Rebecca Nocito
Susan Pagan
Amanda Schlotter
Leann Schoettler
Lakesha Seier
Marc Stine
Colleen Wolkey
Brian Taing

The Angel Award recipients have the courage to do what’s right even though it may be difficult. It is awarded for a single event in which the Associate did a superior job requiring extraordinary effort.

Angel Awards
Mary Beth Baringer
Daniel Alonzo
Sherene Johnson
Thomasine Landis
Janice Mullaney
Teresa Sawyer
Anna Zeneli

They say that ‘Angels walk among us, if only we have eyes to see’… Obviously at Pine Run you don’t have to look very hard – Angels are everywhere; humbly going about their daily jobs, seeking no special recognition as they brighten the lives of all they meet. Pine Run is honored to recognize the newest batch of ‘heaven sent’ associates.

Alexandria Flor,
Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, Kutztown University
Olivia Hurtado,
Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, Muhlenberg College
Sean McTague,
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a focus in Agriculture, Pennsylvania State University
Matilda Mersini,
Registered Nurse, Bucks County Community College
Lauren Picket,
Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, University of Delaware
Jeannie Redner,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Texas, Arlington
Nathan Tschepik,
Bachelor’s Degree in History and Government, Georgetown University
Suze Desire-Jeantine
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and Registered Nurse, Cedar Crest College

Pine Run celebrates our AngelsThe Angel Awards were created to recognize people for doing the right things for all the right reasons. At Pine Run, we think it is important to focus on the good that is all around us, and the Awards were created to honor specific ‘good deeds’ carried out by our employees as they go about performing their daily work routines.