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Affection Unleashed

With almost as much surety as an extreme weather forecast on television, the residents are quick to gather around “Nike” when she arrives for cuddly visits every Tuesday afternoon at Lakeview. Nike is a lovable red-rust Doberman, age 3 ½, with just the right temperament for the affectionate crowd.

Scratching her soft cropped ears, gently shaking paws, and warm belly rubs are all part of the playful routine mutually enjoyed by the residents and Nike. “She loves to get petted and lay her head in a lap,” said owner and volunteer Janet Stavrides. “Parading down the hall invites interesting encounters for Nike; the training got her used to being bumped by wheelchairs, and she has fun poking her head through the walkers too!”

“Everyone feels the mood lift when Nike arrives,” enthused Elizabeth Hansen, volunteer coordinator at Lakeview. “All of the smiles we see are proof that we all can benefit from a bit of canine company, and other furry friends.”

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