Making news comes with the territory at Pine Run Retirement Community. Busy days filled with creative energy spark community-wide events and personal accomplishments.
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“Legacy” Tea Table Takes Residence in Pine Run Community Center

Woodworker Irv Thompson (pictured above) is one of many Villagers at Pine Run that take pride in sharing their craft or talent at the Annual Volunteer Party at Pine Run.Villager Irv Thompson, the creator of the gorgeous new table made from the wood of Pine Run’s felled Zelcova tree, describes his design:

“The design for the tea table legs was inspired by a painting by artist Bill Smith. The painting was done as a single brush stroke depicting the female torso – from neck through lower back, around buttocks to upper leg and thigh – one stroke, never lifting the brush! Beautiful!”

Our photos certainly depict how well suited this stunning artistic creation is to its lovely new home – located in the sitting area right inside the front portico entrance at our new Community Center. It will not be long before we will all enjoy this exciting space!