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Phase 2 Forges Ahead!
January 2019

Catching the adrenaline-fueled spirit of a crew charting a course to get ahead of a storm, the Gorski Construction team, led by Supervisor Will Miller, completed an installation of 13 tractor trailer loads of precast concrete plank to form the structural floor system for the auditorium in Phase 2 of the New Hub. The concrete plank also acts as the ceiling structure over the indoor pool and fitness areas.

“Talk about threading the needle, Will worked this between two rainstorms and finished before the 40 MPH winds started,” noted Jerry Gorski, president of Gorski Engineering. “The heavy material, weighing approximately 124 tons, hoisted by crane and laid over 40 spans, can withstand the indoor pool environment on the first floor and it will provide superior strength and sound reduction between floors.”

Onlookers appreciated watching the choreography of riggers, specialists in safely hauling heavy loads with pulleys, ropes, and winches. It was a tricky job in the heavy mist, and they performed with confidence, slinging each plank and guiding the crane operator to a precise landing.

“This is an important milestone in the construction schedule and it will be exciting to see the swimming pool and fitness areas now take shape with purposeful finishes. For example, a special ‘acoustic block’ with engineered slits will be installed in the walls to help quiet the areas. The blocks have a nice color and texture suited to the environment,” enthused Amber Bahr, architectural project manager for the project.

Senior Director of Healthy Living Jim Mangol strongly considered the functionality of the aquatic space along with aesthetics in the design phase. His expertise was instrumental to placement of floor-to-ceiling windows on the pond facing facade to facilitate an endless view of the terrace, water, and the trees edging the curvy campus. “Design and ambience are key to a successful fitness program,” says Jim, a nationally recognized fitness and wellness program developer and SEPPA member (Senior Exercise Professionals of PA) with over 18 years’ experience in the industry. “I want everyone seeking a personal path to wellness to find inspiration at Pine Run.”

Stay tuned! Opening festivities are in the planning stages for June and July 2019.

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