Making news comes with the territory at Pine Run Retirement Community. Busy days filled with creative energy spark community-wide events and personal accomplishments.
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Taking the Wheel in Retirement

Contrary to the popular notion that a red convertible may indicate a certain freedom, the senior years are often more complicated than simply downshifting. The lives of Pine Run Villagers have not always been carefree. In fact, all of life’s twists and turns are reasons Villagers find inner strength and strength in their new neighbors.

Just ask Carole Ann Thomas who rode into Pine Run in August 2015: “I had lost two husbands; the first died in 1987 after 26 wonderful years of marriage. My second, Ray, died in 2007 after suffering complications from Agent Orange exposure having served two tours in Viet Nam. Ray was brave, he was awarded a Purple Heart in the Marines, and he later became a Highway Patrolman, and he was also a big romantic.

“What I first fell in love with at Pine Run was having doors both front and back – providing my cottage with lots of fresh air, sunlight, and the feeling of a real neighborhood. Plus, I could bring my dog Pugsley who loves people as much as I do. But, my new cottage had yet to be built, and without seeing a model my daughter couldn’t agree with my plan. Thankfully, a neighbor kindly showed us her cottage, and seeing how it was all beautifully finished really helped settle everything. Now my daughter is as thrilled as I am.”

Getting involved in campus happenings is another way to navigate change in a positive way. Carole Ann has charge of several interests vital to the energized lifestyle at Pine Run, such as the Buildings & Grounds and Library Committees. “The nominating team sought her out,” noted Mary Terpening, President of the Villager Board. “Carole’s bubbly personality invigorates the Villager Board, and 2018 has certainly been active with planning for and construction of the new community center (the ‘Hub’). Carole Ann is very organized, and she takes the lead collaborating with other talented Villagers.”

Neighbors Ann Corkadel and Carole Ann Thomas framed a beautiful friendship chatting up baking, gardening, and other shared pursuits in the Village.“I like to hear the concerns my neighbors bring to our meetings as much as I like to think about the amenities we will relish in our new Hub. I hope to be one of the first to swim in the heated pool, and I can’t wait to share a freshly baked pizza with friends in the new Cafe,” expressed Carole Ann. “I’ve hit it off with many neighbors at Pine Run who like to share good feelings despite the challenges we all face. We can accomplish a lot with a positive attitude.”

To schedule a personal tour of vibrant living options at Pine Run, call Dan or Linda at 800.992.8992.