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Opening planned in June 2019!

25-year Villager Marge Dunkelberger inks her name on the structural framework.
Maria Santangelo, Ceil Krajewski, and Jim Brexler lean in to sign the truss.
Phase II 2.1.2019
Phase II 2.6.2019
Phase II 2.11.2019
One Vision: The Campaign for Doylestown Health

Truss Signing Marks Milestone for New Hub Construction
February 2019

The signed wood truss was set precisely in place to signal a construction milestone.Framing work by Gorski Construction is now underway for Phase Two of the commanding campus centerpiece, affectionately known as the HUB. One of the treasured wood roof trusses, signed by more than 200 Villagers and Associates at Pine Run along with leaders of Doylestown Health, was raised and set precisely in place as a part of a community celebration surrounding the construction milestone on February 1. Doylestown Health’s President and CEO Jim Brexler encouraged everyone to sign the truss and to think about how Pine Run has truly been transformed with more than $37 million in site renovations including innovative new cottage designs and scenic courtyards. Additionally, upgrades to the entire Five-Star Health Center and a complete revitalization of the secure dementia neighborhoods have been completed.

As the newly appointed Executive Director of Pine Run Retirement Community, Maria Santangelo has a deep appreciation for the distinctive qualities of the community, having served in a variety of roles since she arrived at Pine Run in 2010. “The 43-year history of Pine Run is really special and speaks to the shared vision of the Village Improvement Association (VIA) and Doylestown Health to improve the wellbeing of members in the community,” notes Santangelo. “I know with the support of our Villagers and the One Vision Campaign, Pine Run will continue to serve many generations.”

We invite you to join us with One Vision. Philanthropic investments will allow our new Community Center to provide fresh opportunities for vibrant living. See or call Garrett Owen, director of development, at 215.345.2802.