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Caregivers are encouraged to visit the local Alzheimer’s Association Chapter website at alz.org/delval or call their 24-hour Caregiver Helpline. 800.272.3900

Support Group

Learning simple tips for success with daily tasks
can really make each day easier.

The Alzheimer’s Support Group at Lakeview provides comfort for participants during the monthly sessions. “Many caregivers feel a huge sense of relief when they hear other families sharing the same stories and concerns,” says Maureen Riley, trained facilitator. “Our support group is a lifeline for information and laughter, and members feel free to share their best approaches to managing the physical and emotional changes that occur as the disease progresses. Learning simple tips for success with daily tasks like bathing and dressing can make each day easier.”

If you’re caring for someone with memory loss…who is caring for you? The Alzheimer’s Association has the compassion to care.

• Learn practical caregiving information
• Get mutual support
• Learn about community resources

All in a complimentary and confidential setting.

Second Wednesday of each month • 3:00 pm
Pine Run Lakeview 2nd floor TV lounge
2425 Lower State Road • Doylestown, PA 18901

Contact Maureen Riley