Read what Pine Run patients told us at the Rehab Reunion!


After a repair, the real work begins. The Pine Run professional prescription is: make a plan, work hard and find the right encouragement at the perfect moment. Go home relieved and happy.
“Marilynn was my therapist and she gave me exercises which I continue to do faithfully to stay limber. I actually have a better range of motion now.”
— Betty Kitson
“Dr. Blore and Dr. Semanoff made several visits to see me at Pine Run. The therapists were great – they kicked me out because I did so well! I was treated very well by all of the employees. I loved the care, but hopefully I won’t have to return!”
— Ruth Slifer
“My parents were at Pine Run back in 1978, and my husband, Albert, and I have both been in physical rehabilitation therapy here together. The therapists were excellent – they got us walking again!”
— Janice Sperry
“I have been to Pine Run three times for rehab…
obviously my feelings are very positive.”
— Jim Pickands

“Dr. Semanoff really helped me with my pain and Mary Lynn, Skip, and Dina were all excellent therapists. I have had several stays at Pine Run Health Center and highly recommend it.”
— Ruth Wiggins

“The people at Pine Run were very nice and so sociable.
The meals were good too. My therapist is the reason I am walking again.”
— Betty Oceanak

“Dr. Burrows must have put my hip back together properly — it works! Grace, my speech therapist, was wonderful to work with; patient and very cute.”
— Bob Rickert

“I’ve been with Dr. Whitaker close to 24 years and he is doing everything in his power to keep me walking. He is superb and he really cares. I received excellent nursing care considering that they carried me to my bed on arrival and then had me walking in three days!”
— Pat Dahmer