The Garden offers a broad palette of activities to color the day and keep the minds of lawyers, writers, doctors and good cooks content and engaged. Familiar pursuits and validation frame each resident in their own best light and stay flexible by the hour and season. That it was a good day today is what counts.

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Specialized programs are in place to help ease common symptoms such as “sundowners syndrome”. Trained staff is utilized in new ways for Sunset Watch, engaging with residents covering time periods that can be problematic for those with dementia, particularly late at night and early morning.

Access to a full spectrum of health care offered at Pine Run makes it easier to accommodate changing medical needs, which can help keep disruption to a minimum, an important consideration for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Assets include full diabetic care and rehabilitation therapies. Conveniences revolve around the residents and their family with 24-hour visitation, wonderful staff-to-resident ratios and 24-hour EMT trained security.