Independent Living

The Village

Moving into Pine Run Retirement Community’s independent living spaces often bestows an even greater sense of freedom than you may have had before. No more mowing the grass. No more arranging for someone to shovel the driveway in the winter. No broken water heaters to fix or drafty windows to replace. The stress, physical labor, and financial responsibility of home ownership are gone.

That frees each resident of Pine Run’s Village to live each day the way they choose. Focus on interests, talents and shared pursuits with new neighbors as well as family and old friends. Study French. Take a pottery class. Make a weekly date to play bridge or mah-jongg or to watch a movie. Join your Village neighbors on a Pine Run-organized trip to take in a happy hour at an inn or lunch at a restaurant in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Live the hassle-free senior life you want in a spacious apartment or in one of our elegant, customized garden cottages. Pine Run Retirement Community offers independent living spaces in a wide array of floor plans, with the space and decor you choose.

Pine Run Retirement Community’s 43-acre campus is graced with natural beauty and enhanced with the amenities residents want today. Each of our independent living residents is free to embrace an active lifestyle while still having access to on-site medical care at the Pine Run Health Center. Owned and operated by the Doylestown Health network, Pine Run Retirement Community offers ready access to all levels of continuing care.

Life at The Village

Pine Run Retirement Community is full of character – and characters! Our Village neighborhoods are home to artists and gardeners, teachers and travelers, all of whom make the most of the opportunities that Pine Run offers to continue exploring, learning, and building relationships and friendships for a lifetime.