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Special Care

Medical necessities sometimes require special attention. From the simple to what is absolutely essential, Pine Run Retirement Community’s highly credentialed medical staff is right there to help you manage and recover your best health. Easily accessible and discreet, offices for Pine Run’s Special Care Clinic and the physicians are located in Pine Run’s Health Center.

Healthy Living

The freedom to enjoy living your life independently depends on keeping health and energy levels optimal. Keeping fit for life is the goal. The full wellness spectrum at Pine Run Retirement Community helps you enjoy and manage your best health.


Pine Run’s popular Fit for Life program promotes healthy exercise, nutrition, and inspiration to live strong. Another form of prevention, flu shots and other immunizations are offered and encouraged, as does staying informed of new ideas and treatments.


Early detection of issues is critical for successful treatment. On-site medical professionals can make vital checks to spot a concern or to be quickly reassuring. Pine Run Retirement Community residents who are managing a chronic condition benefit from helpful monitoring. Around-the-clock emergency response services bring timely and informed assistance.


Add some professional TLC to your bandages. No wound, ailment or recovery is too small for special care attention.

Vital Care Services

Temperature reads, weight and blood pressure checks, blood sugar and medication checks, dressing changes, ear wax treatment, flu shots, medication injections, and splinter removal — all are included in your cottage or apartment monthly fee. Additional modest fees for some supplies may be incurred.

Special Care Expedites

Lab services are available four times a week for blood work, urinalysis, and mobile X-rays. Home visits are available and included as part of your cottage or apartment monthly fee.