Meet Your Neighbors

We think Pine Run Retirement Community is a special place. But don’t just take it from us. Meet some of the people who live here, and hear what they have to say about living at Pine Run.

  • Bill Britton

    Bill Britton

    “After moving to Pine Run on the very first day I knew. I said to myself, this is going to work.”

    Bill Britton, Pine Run Villager and more.

    • Stained Glass Artist
    • Watercolorist
    • Hub Pub Fan
    • Good Dinner Conversationalist
    • World Traveler
  • Carole Ann Thomas

    Carole Ann Thomas

    “What I first fell in love with at Pine Run was lots of fresh air, sunlight, and the feeling of a real neighborhood. Plus, I could bring my dog Pugsley who loves people as much as I do.”

    Carole Ann Thomas, Pine Run Villager and more.

    • Baker
    • Dog Lover
    • Welcomer
    • Villager Board Director
  • The Hartmans

    The Hartmans

    “The tipping point for choosing Pine Run was the ownership by Doylestown Hospital. Also, knowing the women (Village Improvement Association-VIA) were running the show was especially comforting. Our new neighbors are great, and we love the flexible dining plan. Our guests delight in experiencing first-hand how everything is first class at Pine Run.” 

    Linda and Joe Hartman, Pine Run Villagers and more.

    • Braved a blind date almost 20 years ago
    • Enjoy fitness pursuits offered on Pine Run’s campus
    • Honeymooned in the Hawaiian Islands
    • Active members of the Villagers’ Association
  • Laura Rodel

    Laura Rodel

    “I am really enjoying myself. I’m glad to be out of my old house with its empty rooms. It’s a real relief. Pine Run is not just about providing you with what you need—it’s much more than that and ever evolving.”

    Laura Rodel, Pine Run Villager and more.

    • Crafter and Artist
    • Ceramics Assistant and Student
    • Dedicated Foodie
    • Green Thumb
    • Positive Energy
  • Jack Venner

    Jack Venner

    “Moving here gave me the time I was looking for so that I could volunteer. At Pine Run we get so much provided for us which is great, but it’s the people who live here that make the real difference. The camaraderie and sense of community is tops. The food is good too.”

    Jack Venner, Pine Run Villager and more.

    • Former President Pine Run Villagers Association
    • Doylestown Hospital Volunteer Award Recipient
    • Fit for Life Role Model
    • Kimmel Center Fan
    • Vegetable Gardener