Wellness Center

Good health makes all the difference. At Pine Run Lakeview, the Wellness Center is staffed by licensed nursing professionals, provides medication administration, and is open around the clock, every day. Medical staff have on-site office hours, giving Pine Run Lakeview residents quick access to medical attention, when needed.

Residents receive assistance through medication reminders, temperature and blood pressure checks, and other routine monitoring. Our professional staff keeps a knowledgeable eye on every resident, looking for any sign of change. Physicians know their patients are being professionally monitored, and family members rest more easily, confident that help is nearby in an emergency.

Additional benefits include thoughtful touches such as hydration reminders in summertime, nutrition suggestions, and personal follow-ups. Medication schedules are devised for family members to follow when residents leave for overnights or a trip to the shore. Lakeview is all about family.