Status Update: 3/27/20

Please be aware that evolving public health guidelines related to COVID-19 may necessitate ongoing modifications to the following information. Pine Run Retirement Community and Doylestown Health remain attentive to changes and flexible to the needs and safety of residents, community, and staff.

Pine Run Retirement Community and Doylestown Health are closely following Department of Health and CDC recommendations and guidelines for the identification of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Supplies and Donations

Pine Run Retirement Community and Doylestown Health are very appreciative of the many offers we are receiving to donate equipment or supply materials for the protection of our patients and staff. We are appropriately conserving and using the personal protection equipment (PPE) that is standard in healthcare facilities, and recently received additional supplies from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help in the short-term.

Doylestown Health Foundation is compiling your offers for assistance, both in-kind donations of goods and supplies as well as direct contributions of funds. You can direct your support to Pine Run Retirement Community by noting our name in the comment section. Our staff and residents are grateful for your proactive outreach to us. Your kindness is a powerful and uplifting message for all of us.


RESTRICTED Visitor Policy & Memos

In response to this evolving situation, Pine Run Retirement Community is implementing new measures effective immediately and continuing until we receive new recommendations from public health authorities.

Health Center, Lakeview & Garden Restrictions – 03-15-2020 Health Center, Lakeview & Garden Memo

Villager Restrictions – 03-16-2020 Villager Memo UPDATED

 Villager Requested Precautions – 03-20-2020 Villager Memo

Governor Tom Wolf Issues Shelter-in-Place for Bucks County – 03-23-2020 Memo to Villagers

NEW – Health Center & Garden Security Guard House/Closure of Ferry Road Entrance – 03-27-2020 Health Center & Garden Memo

NEW – Villager Security Guard House/Closure of Ferry Road Entrance – 03/27/2020 Guard House Villager Memo 

NEW – Neighbor Security Guard House/Closure of Ferry Road Entrance – 03/27/2020 Guard House Neighbor Memo 


All community events sponsored by Pine Run Retirement Community will be canceled as of Friday, March 13. Whenever possible, engagements will occur remotely using webinars, teleconferences, etc.

Doylestown Hospital Information on Testing, Temporary COVID-19 Response Facility and more.

Doylestown Hospital has opened drive-through COVID-19 testing and is erecting a temporary facility, similar to a hospital field tent, near the entrance to the Emergency Department. For more information on Hospital specific programs and questions, please visit their Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

Coronavirus Resources

Guidelines and recommendations from the Department of Health and CDC are updated regularly. Please visit these websites for the most recent information:

COVID-19 Questions

Doylestown Health established a COVID-19 hotline (267-885-1722) and email address for questions related to COVID-19: Expect a delay in responding to emails, especially during times of high volume. In an emergency, call 9-1-1